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Department of Science and Mathematics Education

Department of Science and Mathematics Education

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Department of Humanities and Social Sciences offers a wide range of professional degrees courses that have potential in greatly enhancing career opportunities and increased scholarly output through the masters’ programmes.

Research activity
The department. Among these are African literature, children’s literature, African linguistics, language, education, translation and interpretation.

For further inquiries, please contact:
The Dean School of Education and Social Sciences,
Alupe University College,
P. O. Box 845 -50100,
Busia – Kenya.

Students’ Destinations

Our Bachelor of Education programme – English and Literature or Kiswahili plus other subject mainly focuses on the basic training of teachers of Kiswahili and English/Literature. However, the knowledge and skills acquired can also fit into various professions and our graduates can take up a range of careers. The following are the other available opportunities of employment: trains professionals in linguistics better suited to meet the challenges that linguistic diversity poses for the Kenyan academia and the society at large, today and in the future. The Department of Language and Literature Education believes in producing graduates who are well-grounded in literary studies, language education and in general and theoretical linguistics. Our graduates would be employed as consultants in language and literature related matters as educationists, curriculum developers, teaching and learning material developers, policy makers, teachers of English and Literature, tutors, lecturers, researchers, lexicographers, language translators and interpreters, media and journalism personnel like newscaster, newspaper editors and news writers, editors with book and magazine publishing firms, theatre and performing arts, film and play writers, directors and producers, advertising, marketing and public relations officers, customer service social media managers, and speech therapists among others.