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Dr. Sarah Bundotich, PhD

 is the current Ag. Chair of the Department of Educational Psychology, Management
and Policy Studies

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The Department of Educational Psychology, Management, and Policy Studies recognize and support
the overall mission of Alupe University College. The department is based in the School of Education and Social Sciences, Alupe University College. As a department, in the area of Educational Psychology, our courses are designed to provide student teachers with the knowledge on scientific perspectives of human behavior and mental processes, and judgment. This knowledge aids them in understanding how elements of personality, human growth and development related to the learner, learning processes, learning situation, curriculum development, and evaluation modes. The focus is preparatory to a career in teaching and applications of psychological components traversing between theory and practice in enhancing service delivery within school environments and among educators. In the area of educational management and administration, the department is committed to providing student teachers with the required knowledge in leadership skills, abilities, and competencies. It enables them to reflect on how management and administration theories are applicable to the national, local educational, and school contexts. They are introduced to how elements of planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, supervising, controlling, and evaluating educational processes in using available resources can be done to maximize levels of outcomes.

The department offers the following courses under Educational Psychology:

  • PSY 110: Quantitative Techniques
  • SNE 100: Special Needs
  • PSY 112: General Educational PsychologyPSY 210: Human Growth and Development
  • PSY 211: Educational Guidance and Counselling
  • PSY 311: Educational Measurement and Evaluation

Under Educational, Management, and Policy Studies it offers the following courses:
EMP 110: Principles of Teaching

  • EMP 310: Educational Planning
  • EDU 300: Educational Research
  • EMP 410: Environmental Education
  • EMP 411: Educational Administration & Management
  • EMP 412: Economics of Education
  • EDU 499: Research project

The Department of Educational Psychology, Management, and Policy Studies staff include four members as follows:
1. Dr. Sarah Bundotich – Educational Psychology Educator, and Ag. Chair of Department.
2. Prof. Carolyne Omulando – English Language Education and, Curriculum and Instruction Educator
3. Dr. Marbel Nandwa – Mathematics Education and Educational Psychology Educator (Part-time
4. Mr. Moses Wamutoro – Educational Administration and Management Educator
The department in collaborations with the other departments in the School of Education and Social Sciences aims to be at the forefront in producing school educators who will attain local, national and
global recognition in regard to professional competences and ethics, besides making significant contributions to the education field and the community at large.