Alupe University College

Department Of Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Foundations

Mr. Wycliffe A. Osabwa

Ag. Chair of the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Educational Foundations.

Curriculum and Instruction entails providing the student teacher with an in-depth understanding of the
education process, particularly in the classroom – the what, when, where, and how, in relation to teaching/ learning activities. They are introduced to elements of the curriculum that encompass the total learning experiences both in school and society as well. This is done as it relates to the national educational goals, content taught in schools, teaching and learning processes, and lastly, classroom and school environments. This knowledge equips the student teacher with a sound knowledge upon which to build the more specific knowledge they receive regarding instructional processes. The student-teacher gets to learn how to interact with learners through various solutions such as teaching methodologies, tools, and multi-media instructional technologies. 

This aims at equipping the student teacher with holistic knowledge in matters pedagogy such that they are in a position to handle their respective teaching subjects well. The overall objective of the department is to contribute towards the preparation of secondary school pre-service teachers. It offers teacher professional development courses that underpin the basis and rationale for education, as well as expertise in classroom instruction. Under educational foundations, education is approached from a variety of disciplinary perspectives such as philosophy, sociology, and history. Learners explore how these influence the teaching profession, the teaching/learning process, as well as the roles and identities of a professional teacher, alongside components of teacher integrity and ethics.

Areas of Specialization offered to Students

The department offers the following courses under Educational Foundations:

  • EDF 111: Philosophy of Education
  • EDF 112: Character, Integrity, and Education
  • EDF 210: History of Education
  • EDF 410: Sociology of Education
  • EDF 411: Comparative Education

Under Curriculum and Instruction, the following courses are offered:

  • CIM 210: General Methods of Teaching
  • CIM 211: Educational Media and Resources
  • CIM 230: Curriculum Development
  • CIM 360: Educational Media Practice and Micro-teaching
  • CIM 399: Teaching Practice