Apply To Alupe University

Detail About How To Apply

Currently the School offers two Bachelor’s degree programmes: Bachelor of Education (Arts) and Education of Education (Science). The teacher preparation programme is modelled on a hands on approach anchored around offering practically oriented education, grounded on expert faculty guidance. Looking into the future, as from the 2021/2022 academic year, the School will bring on board two more Bachelor’s degree programmes in the Humanities area: Bachelor of Arts in Community Development and Bachelor of Science in Counselling Psychology, alongside two diploma programmes: Diploma in Community Development and Diploma Social Work. In Education, one Post graduate diploma in Education programme will be officially launched. All programmes in the School are aligned to Competency Based Education (CBE) and designed with an aim to respond to the educational, economic, political, and social issues facing the society.

The School is composed of the following eight (8) Departments:

  1. Department of Educational Management and Policy Studies
  2. Department of Educational Psychology
  3. Department of Educational Foundations
  4. Department of Language and Literature Education
  5. Department of Social Sciences Education
  6. Department of Science and Mathematics Education
  7. Department of Humanities
  8. Department of Curriculum and Educational Media


Is very easy....

The Application Process

Things To Know First

The Common Application is required for students applying to any oof AUC programme. You’ll be able to choose download and fill the forms for the program(s) that you are interested.

You will need :

  • Download and Read AUC Joining Instructions
  • Download and Fill Acceptance by the Candidate AUCJI 1A and AUCJI 1B
  • Download and read Entrance Medical Examination AUCJI C
  • Download and Fill the Student Declaration Form
  • Download and Fill the Student's Personal Details AUCJI 2

When To Apply?

  Application Deadline Decision
First Intake September Within a week
Second Intake January 1  Within a week

Where to submit necessary documents?

For further inquiries, please contact:
The Dean School of Education and Social Sciences,
Alupe University College,
P. O. Box 845 -50100,
Busia – Kenya.