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Bachelor of Education (Science) and Bachelor of Education (Arts)

Graduated & Professional

Postgraduate Diploma in Education Master of Education in English Language Education Master of Education in Business Studies


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Dean's Desk

Prof. Carolyne Omulando,PhD Ag. Dean School of Education and Social Sciences

Preparing leaders for today and tomorrow

Preparing leaders for today and tomorrow Anchored on academic excellence, the School of Education and Social Sciences (SESS) at Alupe University College is a vibrant School geared towards reinventing education and the social sciences in preparing leaders who will impart the world and shape the future.
Faculty and students work around impacting the community through: teaching practicum, industrial attachments programmes and collaborative community service initiatives. We believe our graduates are well prepared to shape the future of our work spaces, and create lasting impacts on lives within societies.

Vision Statement
Play a leading role in transforming the lives of our students by responding to learner and community
needs through responsive partnerships, innovation, outreach and technology.

Mission statement
Develop responsible citizens by creating opportunities for lifelong learning through the provision of
lucrative, comprehensive and developmental programmes needed in academic, career, personal and
social progression, beneficial for diverse life experiences.

Why us?

Why Choose Alupe University School of Education & Social Sciences?

To our prospective students, consider joining us:
a) We have dedicated and caring faculty
b) We offer training through student centered and community-based learning experiences
c) There are dynamic career prospects after your training

Academic Departments

The School of Education of Social Sciences is composed of five academic departments as follows:
1. Department of Language and Literature Education
2. Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Education
3. Department of Science and Mathematics Education
4. Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Foundations
5. Department of Educational Psychology, Management and Policy studies


Currently the School offers two Bachelor’s degree programmes: Bachelor of Education (Arts) and
Education of Education (Science). The teacher preparation programme is modelled on a hands on approach anchored around offering practically oriented education, grounded on expert faculty guidance.
Looking into the future, as from the 2021/2022 academic year, the School will bring on board two more
Bachelor’s degree programmes in the Humanities area: Bachelor of Arts in Community Development
and Bachelor of Science in Counselling Psychology, alongside two diploma programmes: Diploma in
Community Development and Diploma Social Work. In Education, one Post graduate diploma in
Education programme will be officially launched. All programmes in the School are aligned to Competency Based Education (CBE) and designed with an aim to respond to the educational, economic, political, and social issues facing the society.


The School of Education and Social Sciences is composed of invaluable, young and vibrant faculty
members, who display high levels of professionalism in their service at Alupe University College. They
work selflessly and demonstrate team spirit and great dedication in their work. In the last three years of
operation, the team of 11 full time and 12 part-time faculty members, has been able to drive the School
through the journey of steadily and assuredly working towards achieving its vision, mission and core